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Acrylic Wolf Painting

I’m currently working on a large painting of a wolf.  It’s my first venture into colour for a while so it has presented some challenges regarding my approach and which materials to use . I did some initial research online to get a feel for posture and movement, then I visited Kingussie Wildlife Park to study their fabulous wolves, in a Scots pine forest setting.


I completed my initial sketch in pencil and wanted to capture a relaxed pose, but with the wolf still alert to it’s surroundings.

Wolf 2

I have been experimenting with different materials and eventually decided to use acrylics. I’ve never used them before but there’s a first time for everything and they seem to give a good range of effects; washes, brush marks and spray as you can see below.


I added some tone and colour to my working sketch to start to create the form, for reference when undertaking the final painting.

fine wolf

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  1. Looking good so far. How’s it coming along now??

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